INDIACSR is only and biggest CSR news portal in India. INDIACSR is the leading and only Indian business network for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) dedicated to making significant contributions through adding new dimensions and perspectives to the domain of CSR and Sustainability. INDIACSR has created a platform that enhances companies need to share ideas on their CSR best practices and discuss collaborative projects between the firm and its end stakeholders. INDIACSR provides a forum to initiate a dialogue on creating a competitive edge with the help of CSR activities and seeks help from Industry experts. The website has been founded by stalwarts from the industry and is growing steadily to become an inspiring network of business people working towards the common goal of sustainability.

Mission: Our mission is to support practitioners and organizations in building responsible and sustainable business in India and in this way to contribute to sustainable development of societies at large. We implement our mission through the provision of information, knowledge, tools and by building a community of people and organizations focused on CSR. Themes and Issues: In all its activities and in its interaction with stakeholders, INDIACSR works on the themes and issues that it set out in. These are: Education Corporate Governance Environmental Protection Economy Stakeholder Engagement Special Report Communications and Reporting Global Development Interactive Forum.

Our Approach: We believe in creating leaders, accelerating change, developing talent and integrating high performance teams. We provide powerful opportunities for people to experience and learn from new challenges and situations. We support these learning experiences with relevant theory, frameworks and tools. This ensures that learning is mainstreamed and can have application value bringing improved performance in companies. We are dedicated to bringing passion and enthusiasm in our approach by finding novel and innovative ways to go about our business. Our future plans include developing a global journal on CSR which would help us to partner and collaborate with global players designing and delivering sustainable business growth.

India’s Largest Network on Corporate Sustainability & CSR
mumbai csr confrance

CSR Mega Conference

Venue : Mumbai

Date : 09 May 2012

Book on CSR & Competitiveness

Book on CSR & Competitiveness

Download >> .pdf / .doc

CSR Seminar

CSR Seminar

Venue : Raigarh, Chhattisgarh

Date : 20 July 2012

CSR Seminar

Fly Ash: Wealth from Waste

Venue : Raipur, Chhattisgarh

Date : 17 February 2013


Venue : Delhi

Date : 25-26 April 2013

Conference on CSR & Sustainable Development

Venue : Bangkok

Date : 3-6 June 2013

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