Subrata Roy Sahara Announced to Adopt 1000 Villages in 7 States Under CSR

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By Rusen Kumar

subrata-roy-saharaCHANDIGARH: Chairman of Sahara Group – Shri Subrat Roy Sahara, on the occasion of 100th birth anniversary of his father Late Shri Sudhir Chandra Roy, today announced another major Corporate Social Responsibility initiative “Village Esteem Development Adoption by Sahara” (VEDAS) for his Sahara Group (Sahara India Pariwar), one of the biggest diversified business entity.

Under the initiative “Village Esteem Development Adoption by Sahara” Sahara is adopting 1000 villages of for their socio-economic growth.

“On this auspicious occasion, we are fully and emotionally adopting 1000 villages covering 4.5 lakh rural household touching the lives of over 25 lakh people (in 7 states). We are making 20 clusters of 50 villages each. There shall be a Central Point Village in each cluster with central Medical Center and an Employment Center along with other services for overall operation, caring and helping the villagers of these 50 villages.” Subrat Ray Sahara said in an advertisement published in various media.

How much money to be invested for the project and name of the villages and states is not disclosed yet.

It is to be noted that Sahara India Pariwar is a major entity on the corporate scene having diversified business interests that include Finance, Infrastructure & Housing, Media & Entertainment, Consumer Merchandise Retail Venture, Manufacturing and Information Technology.

Major highlights of the VEDAS for the village to be adopted:


Shara Group will build 20 ‘Empowerment Centers” to encourage self-employment opportunities. These centers will have quality manufacturing workshop where quality food processing, beverages and traditional household goods will be manufactured and simultaneously, qualitative training in manufacturing will be given to people on continuous basis taking utmost care of local resources.

Development and revival of local craft shall also be done through training and empowerment along with marketing through Sahara Q Shop, private and government distribution channels. Centers will also facilitate skill training. The plans are to drastically enhance the earning of each family gradually.

Agriculture Yield

In order to spread the benefits of our know-how in Agriculture, we will be putting highly qualified agriculturists to help all small/big farmers to increase their yield and therefore profits. This endeavor in Uttar Pradesh has already shown results in increasing the yield of land by 25-50 percent. This shall be a great help to all farmers.

Joyful Education

In order to impart literacy to over 25 lakh people, Sahara shall set up over 500 Education Resource Centers. Focus shall be on joyful education through Q Cloud with VSAT connectivity at all centers with a screen, a projector and a small hall. Teaching on all aspects of Hygiene, Child Care, Agriculture, about nearby Markets/Mandi etc. Apart from these, teaching of Hindi and English languages shall be given priority. Primary and Adult education in these centers will be leter made interactive. They shall also get all news and entertainment as people are getting in Metros.

Primary Health

exclusiveIt will be constant efforts to provide quality primary health care to all people. Through mobile health Vans equipped with diagnostic medical equipments, medicine, qualified doctors and paramedical staff. Primary health services will reach over 4.5 lakh families across rural India.

All serious patients will be brought to the Medical Center at Central Point Village on each 50 village cluster.

Safe Drinking Water

Sahara will strive to make safe drinking water available to all people as per IS 10500 standard. Focus will also be on testing of all sources of drinking water and colour coding of all hand pumps. They will also ensure availability of 2-3 liters per capita of pure drinking water by establishing Water Purification Plants and distributing it though Mobile Water Tankers and then through water ATMs.


Group will strive to improve sanitation in all adopted villages. Key focus of activities shall be on community awareness to end open defecation and on women privacy. They will provide user friendly and customized design for toilet construction and help in the construction of these toilets.

Safe Migration

People tend to migrate to bigger places for all kinds of opportunities. VEDAS will focus on registration of the rural migration through their 4200 establishments spread across India giving them an identity card. It will also tract the movement of the migrants and help them maintain their touch with their families back home through video conferencing since these villages shall have two way interactive communication.

subrata-roySolar Powered Lanterns

Distribution of Solar Powered Lanterns to all needy families which will provide the local community with much needed healthy, eco-friendly and sustainable source of lighting. It will have a positive impact on livelihood options by improving the economic systems. It shall extend the time of business hours and hence increase earning while also leading to relatively clean environment. Sahara will eradicate completely environmental hazardous kerosene burners/lamps.

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