Tata Main Hospital Dedicates New Microdebrider to the People of Jamshedpur

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JAMSHEDPUR: Tata Main Hospital (TMH), Jamshedpur dedicated a new microdebrider machine to the people of Jamshedpur. The new equipment has been installed in the department of ENT. Mr Bimlendra Jha (Vice President – Long Products), Tata Steel was the Chief Guest on the occasion. He was accompanied by senior personnel of TMH as well as various other functionaries of the hospital.

A microdebrider is a rotary cutting tool used by ENT surgeons at the operating table. It assists surgeons in endoscopic nasal surgeries resulting in better surgical results leading to more patient comfort and lower period of stay in the hospital. The machine also has a suction facility which sucks up blood and other secretions during an operation and allows the surgeon to have greater endoscopic visibility. The machine is also useful during endoscopic sinus surgeries in adults and children as well as for benign and malignant sino-nasal or base of skull tumours. The machine allows precision surgery which avoids lengthy post-operative healing time.

The microdebrider joins a list of acquisitions in the Department of ENT of Tata Main Hospital during the past number of months all of which provide surgeons with the tools to perform cleaner, faster and more efficient surgeries. This not only heals the patient more comprehensively but also reduces the burden of cost as well as expense of time for the patient.

With the introduction of the microdebrider to its growing technological capability, the Tata Main Hospital continues take significant leaps in its endeavour to adhere to some of the best healthcare standards in the region and ensure a healthy and productive life for the citizens it serves.

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