Tata Main Hospital Scripts Another Success Story by Saving the Life of a Critical Patient

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JAMSHEDPUR: The Tata Main Hospital (TMH), Jamshedpur is acknowledged as one of the foremost critical care treatment centres in the region. Severe cases that require critical care receive the appropriate care and attention at TMH and thus a large number of lives are saved every year.

Similar is the story of a 61year old wife of a retired bank executive who had to be rushed to TMH on March 7, 2012 and admitted in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in a serious condition due to sudden onset of severe breathing difficulty. This patient had earlier suffered a brain aneurysm that had been operated upon at TMH in 2004. She had recovered fully from this surgery and was leading an almost normal life at home with mild restriction of daily activity. However, she was also obese and suffered from hypertension, diabetes and thyroid for which she was taking medicines.

When the patient was admitted to TMH’s ICU, her heart rate was fast, irregular and did not respond to the conventional treatment or DC shock. The irregular heart beat rate resulted in low blood pressure and deterioration of her respiration. Consequently, she was shifted to the Critical Care Unit (CCU) with very high carbon dioxide levels in the blood. She was supported on ventilator and intravenous medicines to control her heart rate. Her health responded to this positively and over the next three days she was taken off the ventilator. The treating team and the family members of the admitted were happy with this positive outcome.

However, this sense of satisfaction was short lived as her heart rate again became irregular with the heart rate swinging between the two extremes. This cardiac instability was further aggravated by her obesity, inability to breath and higher carbon dioxide level. She was in a vicious cycle where each deteriorating parameter was causing further deterioration of other parameters necessitating intensive and judiciously balanced life support measures. The challenge before the medical team now was to successfully take her off the ventilator along with optimization of her heart rate, blood pressure and other physiological parameters which appeared at times to be impossible.

With its expertise, dedication and perseverance, the team at TMH CCU was able to overcome the temporary setbacks in the patient’s treatment with need based and prompt help from the cardiologist. The practice of constant review and optimization of the therapeutic interventions, good physiotherapy and nursing care, along with psychological support to the patient and the family contributed heavily to the team’s success. The faith and confidence that the family members of the patient conveyed to the hospital staff, throughout her 56 days CCU stay is commendable.

The patient was discharged from the hospital on May 22, 2012 and has happily resumed stay with her family. Her family has expressed their heart-felt gratitude to the medical team at TMH which has given her a new lease of life.

TMH has always proved its capability to care for the most serious patients. This incident reveals just another challenge that TMH’s team has to encounter on a daily basis while extending care for the sick.

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